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Huck Bouma Welcomes Kenneth Swanson

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Firm News

Huck Bouma is pleased to announce that on March 27,  Kenneth ‘KC’ Swanson has become affiliated with the Firm as a Director in the Real Estate Practice Area, focusing his practice principally on commercial real estate transactions.

He has practiced real estate law for the past seventeen years and successfully closed on thousands of properties.

He has also effectively negotiated hundreds of short sale approvals on properties that could not qualify to be sold as traditional real estate transactions.

Most importantly, KC has had the opportunity to combine his consumer bankruptcy and debt settlement experience with his knowledge of real estate law.

His wide range of legal expertise has made him very skilled at dealing with almost any real estate transaction regardless of the financial or title related concerns.

Huck Bouma welcomes KC Swanson, and acknowledges the strength that he brings to our Firm.