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Protect And Grow Your Franchise Business

The maintenance of your franchise program includes disclosure and registration as well as maintaining positive ongoing business relationships with the franchisee. The first step is to work with experienced franchise attorneys in drafting the franchise agreement to properly address key relationship issues for the protection of the franchise system and its brand.

During the course of this relationship, there are several major turning points that require the assistance of a qualified franchise law attorney.

The franchise attorneys at Huck Bouma understand the value of establishing an ongoing relationship with franchisor clients so as to provide access to legal counsel as franchise law issues arise. The most common questions about franchise operations are usually regarding transfer, renewal, contract compliance or termination.

Helping Clients Nationwide Comply With Franchise Laws

Specific areas of law that Huck Bouma attorneys assist with include:

  • Franchise transfers
  • Terminations
  • Renewals
  • Enforcing contracts
  • Collecting royalties
  • Amendments
  • Notices of default
  • Operational policies

The franchise state laws governing franchise relationships are complex and varied. Taking proper action to comply with the franchise agreement and application of franchise law before changing the status of a franchise relationship is necessary.

Under certain state laws, you cannot terminate or refuse to renew the relationship without notice. Franchisors are responsible for issuing notices so that defaults and other non-compliance issues are properly documented. If you are a franchisor and have a franchisee that is in default, Huck Bouma franchise lawyers can help with enforcing the franchise agreement and securing the franchisee’s compliance.

Contact Knowledgeable Franchise Attorneys

To help ensure your franchise operation is in compliance, fill out the online contact form or call 630-221-1755. An experienced franchise attorney can help you comply with contractual requirements and state and federal regulations.