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Far-Reaching Estate Planning

Estate planning is vitally important for high-net-worth individuals and families, especially when estates include business interests, investments and other complex assets. At Huck Bouma, estate planning lawyers help clients create comprehensive estate plans as well as review and update portions of existing estate planning documents and tools.

With more than 60 attorneys on staff, many of whom have additional certifications and experience that can be useful for complex estate planning, Huck Bouma is a valuable resource in the western Chicago suburbs. In fact, it is the largest law firm in the region. From the Wheaton office, the estate planning attorneys serve clients throughout DuPage County, Kane County and surrounding communities.

Estate Planning Services

Besides helping clients create and update wills, the attorneys also assist with the creation and setting up of trusts. Clients can name trustees from among their trusted inner circle or they can ask the firm to act as a trustee.

Turn to Huck Bouma for counsel regarding any of these or other estate planning services:

  • Drafting, reviewing and updating of simple wills, complex wills and pour-over wills
  • Creation of financial and health care powers of attorney
  • Establishment of trusts, including generation-skipping trusts and special needs trusts
  • Creation and management of sophisticated estate planning tools such as family business succession plans

The estate planning team helps clients complete the tasks of funding trusts, such as retitling real estate and otherwise facilitating a smooth transition of assets after death occurs.

Over the years, many long-ranging multigeneration attorney-client relationships have developed for the benefit of clients of Huck Bouma. Many prefer to work closely with their estate planning lawyers and trustees while benefiting from the firm’s sophistication that rivals any large Chicago firm.

About Special Needs Planning

Special needs planning addresses the future needs of one’s minor children or adult family members with disabilities.

A special or supplemental needs trust can protect a disabled person’s eligibility for government assistance while simultaneously providing resources to support their well-being. A third-party supplemental needs trust created by a grandparent or another caring family member can ensure that the person with special needs will continue to have access to public benefits such as Medicaid.

Huck Bouma‘s estate planning attorneys personalize counsel for clients with unique concerns such as future planning for family members with special needs.

Reach Out For Guidance Regarding Any Estate Matter

For information or assistance with any aspect of estate planning or estate administration in Illinois, call Huck Bouma in Wheaton at 630-221-1755 or complete an online inquiry form.