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Creative And Strategic Legal Guidance

Helping You Make Your Business Dreams A Reality

When you are just getting started with your business, the decisions you make today can lay the foundation for your future success. Creating a solid legal structure for your business is not just about compliance; it’s about setting the stage for growth and resilience.

A Huck Bouma, we understand what needs to be done, and we are dedicated to guiding Chicago-area entrepreneurs and startups through the nuanced process of business entity planning and formation. We know how to clearly define your options and eliminate your stress.

How Do You Choose The Right Structure For Your Business?

Determining the right structure for your business is where our business formation attorneys show their strengths. We listen carefully to your goals and work to understand the nature of your operations so that we can guide you to the business structure that will benefit you the most.

The choice of business structure that’s right for you depends on factors like your desire for liability protection, your preferred management structure, the tax implications and your long-term goals. Some of the most common options include:

  • Partnership
  • Limited liability corporation (LLC)
  • Cooperative
  • S corporation
  • C corporation
  • Nonprofit

Once you have determined the best entity for your company, our business formation documents lawyer can work to ensure the legal setup process goes smoothly and that all documents and agreements are properly completed and filed with the appropriate agencies.

How Does Business Structure Affect Your Taxes And The Ability To Raise Capital?

All business structures can potentially secure debt financing, but lenders may have different preferences. Traditional lenders may be more familiar and comfortable lending to corporations, and venture capitalists tend to prefer investing in corporations due to the clear ownership structure and transferability of shares.

However, many entrepreneurs like LLCs for their ease of operations and the ability to structure them as pass-through taxation entities. There is no one right choice for every situation, which is why you need a business formation attorney’s guidance.

Talk To Us About All Your Current And Future Business Needs

In addition to guiding businesses through their initial planning stages and formation, our attorneys also assist with ongoing concerns related to:

Our business attorneys in DuPage County counsel businesses at every stage of their operations. As a premier business law firm in Chicagoland, we put our decades of experience behind everything we do and leverage all of that knowledge for your benefit.

Let Us Help You Get Your Business Off The Ground Today

When you partner with Huck Bouma, you get the sophisticated guidance of our dedicated business formation lawyers with the personal touch you want from a boutique firm. We have the resources, experience and wisdom your company needs. Call our Wheaton office at 630-395-7809 or send an online message to get started.