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Creative And Strategic Legal Guidance

Legal Representation For Subfranchisors/Master Franchisees

Having ownership rights to a region or state for the sale of a franchise, also known as a master franchise, can provide an unparalleled business opportunity. However, this must be handled carefully and cautiously to protect your interests. Your compliance with all applicable federal and state franchise laws is critical to your success.

If you are thinking about becoming a subfranchisor by purchasing a Master Franchise or are seeking advice regarding an existing franchise arrangement, the franchise lawyers at Huck Bouma can provide personalized legal services to protect your best interests. They have extensive experience in representing subfranchisors of a number of franchise systems all over the country.

Helping Subfranchisors Develop Regional Programs

A subfranchisor, also known as a master franchisee, area developer or development agent, acquires the right to offer and sell subfranchises within a particular territory from a national or international franchise.

Within that territory, the subfranchisor performs the services of the franchisor. When offering a franchise for sale, the subfranchisor must comply with all of the federal and applicable state franchise laws and regulations that apply to franchisors and franchise sellers.

If you are planning to start a business as a master franchisee or area developer, you must review and negotiate the master franchise agreement or area developer agreement. You want to make sure you understand your legal obligations, rights and responsibilities before you begin offering franchises for sale. This is where the attorneys at Huck Bouma excel.

Keeping Subfranchisors In Compliance With The Law

If you are already a subfranchisor and you are in the process of offering franchises for sale in your territory, you must comply with state and federal franchise laws. The experienced franchise lawyers of Huck Bouma can assist in preparing subfranchise agreements and Franchise Disclosure Documents for subfranchises. You and your franchisor can get the legal help needed at Huck Bouma to prepare documents that comply with franchise law and your contractual obligations to the franchisor. Depending on your territory, if you are required to register the subfranchise with the state before you begin selling subfranchises, this also entails obtaining a franchise registration.

A full range of services for subfranchisors is part of the services Huck Bouma lawyers provide, including:

Franchise attorneys know that the legal maintenance of a franchise is ongoing. You can trust the Huck Bouma franchise attorneys to keep your Franchise Disclosure Document up-to-date, keep your franchise registrations current, provide franchise compliance training and assist you in your relationship with franchisees, while keeping you informed about any changes in the law.

Subfranchising Regionally With Legal Guidance

You deserve help to accomplish your short-term and long-term business goals. The legal requirements to become a master franchisor should never hold you back, especially when resourceful attorneys of the Huck Bouma Franchise Law Practice Group are here to help. You can reach an experienced attorney anytime by filling out the online contact form or calling 630-221-1755.