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Creative And Strategic Legal Guidance

Helping Franchisors Fulfill Their Legal Requirements

As a franchisor, you have many federal and state legal obligations to follow when starting and maintaining a franchise. Existing franchisors or individuals looking to start new franchises or maintain a franchise program can benefit from an ongoing relationship with experienced legal counsel. A franchise law attorney can help ensure a company is structured to optimize its growth potential. The right lawyer can also position a franchisor to avoid the potential for liability.

Attorneys in the Franchise Law Practice Group of Huck Bouma have over 30 years of experience in helping franchisors meet their franchise law requirements.

Nationwide Franchise Support

At Huck Bouma, experienced attorneys help franchisors nationwide fulfill their legal obligations. Some of the more complex laws that require legal knowledge include:

If you have concerns regarding your Franchise Disclosure Document, franchise agreements, franchise registrations, franchise compliance and training, managing your franchise relationships, or any other area of franchise law, the attorneys in the Franchise Law Practice Group of Huck Bouma has your back.

Full-Service Franchise Law Firm Working for You

The legal protections you make now and keep in place can help to protect your franchise company from liabilities and future litigation. The franchise lawyers at Huck Bouma will draft franchise agreements that work for and protect your franchise system and will counsel you and keep you informed so that you can make the legal decisions in the best interest of your franchise system. Ongoing counsel to address your current and long-term business needs can clarify issues related to:

Franchise lawyers know that maintaining a franchise is an ongoing effort. You can trust Huck Bouma to keep your Franchise Disclosure Document updated, keep your franchise registrations current and be available to provide ongoing consultation, while keeping you informed on any franchise law developments.

Helping Entrepreneurs Expand Their Focus

A big part of owning a franchise company is watching it grow. If you are looking for help developing and expanding your franchise program, a variety of legal services can help you take your franchise to the next level. Some common ways this is done is through initiatives related to:

When faced with preparing the contracts and disclosures for these programs and obtaining separate franchise registrations when necessary, having a knowledgable attorney is imperative.

Helping Franchisors Comply With Regulations

Maintaining legal compliance is critical to the success of your franchise. Do not wait until a violation has occurred to contact an experienced franchisor attorney. Protecting your franchise program and your investments is a top priority.

There are many Federal Trade Commission requirements and state franchise laws and regulations that franchisors must comply with in order to sell franchises. The franchise attorneys at Huck Bouma stay abreast of laws and regulations relating to the offer and sale of franchises, registration and disclosure, and franchise termination, transfer and non-renewals and advise you of updates. This helps you comply with day-to-day business operations. Do not make important decisions without the legal guidance of attorneys you can trust.

Contact A Chicago Suburban Franchise Firm That Serves Clients Nationwide

Contact Huck Bouma to speak with an experienced franchise law attorney. Based in DuPage County, franchisee clients throughout Illinois and franchisor and subfranchisor clients nationwide turn to the Franchise Law Practice Group of Huck Bouma for experienced guidance. The suburban personalization with big city experience means your franchise gets the attention it deserves.