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Real Estate Law Attorneys Serving Businesses And Individuals

The attorneys at Huck Bouma provide a comprehensive range of legal services for business owners, developers, property owners and contractors, in both residential and commercial real estate.

The firm’s real estate attorneys recognize that negotiations move quickly and timeliness is essential. They place a high priority on responding quickly to urgent questions, and meeting critical deadlines. They are available to attend hearings and meetings that will affect the success of your projects, the seamless operation of your business facilities and the management of your property. The size and broad knowledge base of Huck Bouma’s real estate team, which is unparalleled in the western suburbs of Chicago, ensures that it can keep those promises.

Commercial Real Estate Issues

Commercial real estate attorneys at the firm routinely represent and counsel closely held companies, institutions and entrepreneurs involved with commercial property. They have extensive experience in sales and acquisitions, leasing, construction and development of commercial properties.

Sales And Acquisitions

Real estate attorneys at Huck Bouma represent and counsel businesses, developers and property owners in all aspects of commercial sales and acquisitions, including:

  • Negotiation of letters of intent
  • Sophisticated project financing
  • Contract negotiations
  • Joint ventures
  • Tax-free exchanges
  • Ownership entities: selecting and registering ownership forms such as limited liability companies and S corporations
  • Tax advice
  • Zoning issues
  • Land use
  • Environmental
  • Title Insurance and survey concerns
  • Regulatory compliance


Huck Bouma’s attorneys routinely represent both landlords and tenants in all aspects of building, unit or property leasing agreements, from office and retail leases to large-scale industrial and ground leases, including the many specialized issues that accompany build-outs of commercial and industrial space.

If you are a property owner, the firm’s attorneys’ years of experience representing owners will provide you with guidance in protecting your financial interests while at the same time, helping you with the flexibility to reach deals with desirable tenants.

If you are looking to become a tenant, our knowledgeable attorneys can assist you and your broker in negotiating a letter of intent for your unique situation. Since they are constantly negotiating and drafting commercial leases, they know the issues that are critical in any letter of intent, since this stage in the process is often the time when leverage is at its highest. They will work in conjunction with you and your broker to negotiate a lease that puts you in a strong position to operate your business productively in a new facility.

The firm’s banking and finance attorneys collaborate with our real estate lawyers to help us address and negotiate estoppels, landlord waivers and consents and subordination, nondisturbance and attornment agreements. Each of these can have a material impact on any lease relationship, whether from a landlord or tenant perspective, and the firm’s attorneys can help you traverse these potential minefields.

Construction And Development

Real estate attorneys at the firm have extensive experience with construction companies, contractors, title companies and trades with issues regarding:

  • Risk management
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Substantial collection activities
  • Contract negotiations
  • Construction escrows
  • Creditors’ rights

In concert with other teams of attorneys at Huck Bouma, the firm’s real estate lawyers provide representation and counseling in employment, taxation and other operational issues incurred by corporations and other entities in the real estate and development field.

Residential Properties

The attorneys at Huck Bouma are eager to service your residential purchase or sale needs. Their experience dealing with the challenging residential climate can be an asset to you. The lawyers and paralegals at the firm understand the challenging residential climate on both sides of transactions and work swiftly and efficiently to exceed clients’ expectations.

In addition to advising people on buying and selling real estate, Huck Bouma‘s attorneys have experience representing landlords and tenants regarding leasing agreements. They also advise condominium organization managers on condominium law issues, including condominium formation and administration.

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