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VA Pension Planning

The attorneys at Huck Bouma are proud to represent veterans who are seeking a VA pension benefit. We appreciate the men and women whose service allows us to enjoy our freedom and recognize the sacrifices they and their families have made and continue to make.

While many benefit programs are offered to veterans and their family members, including disability compensation, Huck Bouma attorneys focus on the pension benefit paid to wartime veterans and their surviving spouses who meet the qualifications in the following three categories:

  • Service requirement
  • Disability requirement
  • Needs requirement.

The purpose of the VA pension benefit is to assist elderly or disabled veterans, or their surviving spouses, by providing supplemental income. A base-level pension benefit is paid to a veteran or surviving spouse if the above requirements are met. If the veteran or surviving spouse has increased care needs, he or she may qualify for one of two enhanced pensions known as Homebound and Aid and Attendance benefits.

Legal Advice From Huck Bouma

While there are many wonderful benefits offered by the VA, veterans and their family members are not always educated as to what benefits are available to them. Contact a VA-accredited attorney today to discuss eligibility for a VA pension and how the benefit may be able to keep you or your loved one at home during a long-term disability.